FIMMONI is a mobile investment platform that allows for a seamless flow of investment for film production. FIMMONI allows for filmmakers and production companies to raise money for projects.

General Situation

A lot of creatives, production companies & filmmakers still have a hard time making good, quality films that can compete globally. Many factors come to play in this challenge ranging from lack of funding, cost of capital, and the risk of losing intellectual property rights at the altar of funding, etc.


Our Services

Film Projects that get listed on our platform go through a vetting process to determine the suitability and to access the potential returns of the film. Our Mobile Investment Platform will have the following types of investments:

  1. Peer to Peer Funding; allows for investors to provide investment in film projects which would be paid back with low-interest rates. 
  2. Equity Funding; allows investors to provide investment in film projects in exchange for equity in those films. 

Our pool of investors is individuals and companies that FIMMONI has established a relationship with. With us, you don’t have to chase banks for loans at ridiculous interest rates, and neither do you have to compromise the quality you seek to deliver due to lack of funding. 

Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be available soon for market testing.